H3D Range

Welcome to the Age of 3-dimensional weaving

Welcome to the world of technical textiles, where ‘high lift’ and ‘heavy load’ are demands placed on jacquard machines.

The hybrid generation of BONAS jacquards – the H3D – is the perfect shedding system to enter into the age of 3D weaving.

H3 D
  • 3 Dimensional

  • Technical Textiles

  • Hybrid jacquard


  • Flexible pulley system, executed according to the requirements of the technical weaver, situated under the jacquard, providing easy access.
  • Adjustable height ‘wheel-holders' for the pulley system are fixed to horizontal profiles.
  • Additional warp separation at crossing and increased height adjustment of the yarn layers is possible, also after levelling.
  • Even without harness tension, selection is assured.
  • Complete shedding systems can be supplied by BONAS

H3D features

  • Hook capacity up to Si16-24-16128.
  • Hook load up to 2 kg
  • Full 2 and 3 position up to 330 mm. Full 4 position up to 430 mm
  • Independent controller
  • Independent servo motor drive
  • For all 3-dimensional, multi-layer and technical applications

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H3 D