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We imagine, build and integrate innovative textile systems.

Our jacquards are highly suitable for weaving a wide range of fabrics.

Terry and terry-gauze, furnishing and curtains, apparel and shoes, floor and wall coverings, damask, airbags, lining, bedding fabrics , technical fabrics, jacquard leno applications, ...

And it doesn't stop there.

With BONAS, the weaving range and the versatility of applications grow continuously.

Applications for

Floor textiles

Leaders in woven and tufted carpet machinery also specialises in flat woven carpets.

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Applications for

Home textiles

Our woven fabrics may be found throughout every room of your home.

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Applications for

Fashion textiles

One certainty in fashion is change, and to face this in a competitive way you need flexibility from your jacquard.

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Applications for

Technical textiles

Major tier 1 suppliers for the car industry choose BONAS technology.

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Bonas textile machinery nv

Trendsetter in design and manufacture of electronic jacquards for weaving machines


Discover our solutions


Si jacquard has been developed to meet the demand for high hook capacity at high speed. The Si is available from 2304 to 31104 hooks in a single jacquard.

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Si R9500


The Ji jacquard is based on the successful micro-selector, supplemented with a revolutionary drive mechanism.

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Ji2 02

H3D Range

The hybrid generation of BONAS jacquards – the H3D – is the perfect shedding system in the age of 3D weaving.

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H3 D


How technology and yarn go hand in hand.

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Revolutionary solutions for the factory of the future

Design freedom
Ideal harness angle
Low energy consumption

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From our production hub in Marke, Belgium, equipped with modern robotics and machinery, we are able to supply the most technologically advanced electronic Jacquards.

Professionally dedicated and disciplined sales and customer service departments, operating throughout the world, ensure customer satisfaction.

About us
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Principally located in Belgium, Bonas Textile Machinery is a brand of VANDEWIELE consisting of several textile machine companies all synonymous within their field of textile machinery expertise.

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We organize our first Virtual Trade Show that will be live on 15 -17 September 2020.

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