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Virtual trade show "Automotive"

Virtual Trade Show Automotive, an online event where we could exhibit our latest innovations to you

As a result of the cancellation of key industry exhibitions this year, manufacturers of technology and materials do not have a platform to showcase their products. Travel also remains a challenge for many people. So the logical conclusion is to create an online event where we can exhibit our latest innovations to you. Therefore we organize our first Virtual Trade Show that will be live on 15 -17 September 2020.

Looking Forward e-meeting you there!

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3D weaving, OPW airbags and automotive fabrics

Next to addressing some new technologies in car seat manufacturing, we will show you how our 3D woven bodywork makes the car strong and light, how our machines weave OPW airbags keeping you safe and how the automotive fabrics makes your car beautifull.

- Hans Scherpereel & Dominique Maes -

Tufting technology used in cars

An explanation of the latest Smart Tufting Technology applicable to the manufacturing of car mats. This new technology allows waste reduction, lower weight and increased durability at lower raw material costs. So a must see for the car mat industry.

- Kristof De Ruyck & Kristof Oosterlink -

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Carpet finishing

Come and see the future of car carpet finishing. Demonstration of the Titan 5540 fully automatic overedging line.

- Bernadette de Bethune & Robrecht Azou -

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